The 2019 San Antonio Analytics Workshop is coming to you!

Want to learn more about the PI System, OSIsoft’s technology direction and how customers like you are digitally transforming within critical operations? Our free workshops are designed to keep you up-to-date. 
This year our workshops focus on industrial analytics. Analytics is promising to deliver new efficiencies within critical operations. Join us for talks from OSIsoft, with examples from our customers and partners that will provide insight into:
  • Different analytics approaches for critical operations
  • Capabilities of the PI System to support your analytics
  • Best practices for industrial analytics  


Agenda is subject to change
Thursday, August 1, 2019
8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
8:45 AM - 9:00 AM
Welcome & Introduction
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Keynote: The PI System: Empowering People to do Successful Analytics
Today, analytics is promising to deliver new efficiencies within industrial operations. To maximize the value of industrial analytics, you need a strategic approach that addresses edge, enterprise and cloud tools for operations data while minimizing delays and failures from data inaccessibility, intensive data processing, and poor data quality. A successful industrial analytics strategy requires a data infrastructure approach that fosters trust and is optimized for enterprise-wide operational analytics.
This overview session introduces the latest trends within industrial analytics, highlights best practices for success, and shows how the OSIsoft PI System, edge, and cloud technology support different types of analytics for varying audiences – from engineers and managers to data scientists within IT and OT groups.
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Evaluating Gas Turbine Operation Transients using Asset Analytics

Austin Energy desired to enhance the condition based maintenance activities of their gas turbines. Gas turbines are now doing more load following than historically to be able to compensate for system load transients. These transients could be due to the wind speed or the sun’s radiant energy changing which can result in a significant load increase or reduction depending on the amount of renewable energy on the grid. Therefore, in addition to the standard practice of counting the number of gas turbine startups and trips, the  number of load reversals and partial cycles  are also important for scheduling gas turbine blade replacements to incorporate into an inspection strategy to prevent potential future failures.  PI Asset Analytics was utilized to identify and count these events since the last time the blades were changed on each gas turbine. This presentation will discuss the strategy and modeling performed in PI Asset Analytics at Sand Hill Generating Station.

10:00 AM - 10:15 AM
10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Idea to Impact: Obtaining Measurable Results through Human Intelligence

Domain experts face operational challenges daily.  Based on their intimate familiarity of process relationships and the problem at hand, ideas arise which can provide a solution.  Taking ideas to successful outcomes requires access to data, intuitive analysis tools and the structure to roll them out to the entire organization. In this discussion, we will review several customer stories that illustrate how small groups have taken their ideas to positively impact their companies

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Start The Journey To Unlock Building Automation Data
Finding value locked away in building automation systems is not a destination, but a journey. Each facility has its own unique challenges and opportunities – while we start projects to unlock that value, the data itself may direct us a new direction. Facilities needs include energy savings, operational awareness, resilience, reliability or some combination of these objectives. How do we find a solution across these objectives and across the silos of our organization to light up the data we already have before we start to add more? Join us for this free webinar as we present our journey through the operations at the San Leandro Tech Campus as well as value found on other journeys including NASA, Eli Lilly, University of Maryland, and University of California at Davis.
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Delivering high quality operational data for Advanced Analytics
AF Analytics offers distinctive advantages when preparing time-series data for advanced analytics.  It can play and essential role in testing, evaluating and operationalizing developed models.  In addition, the openness of the PI System supports several different data access methods, meeting the needs of any data engineer or scientist.
In this session, we’ll cover the challenges of using new analytics tools with operational data; share how the PI System and the PI Integrators deliver analytics-ready data; show how subject matter experts in operations can easily curate data that can be understood by business and IT operations; and demonstrate how the 3rd party advanced analytics tools from Amazon, SAP, and Microsoft, can consume the data for trusted and quality analytics.
11:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Thank You & Closing
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Lunch & Networking
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Exploring AF Analytics for Advanced Analysis and Prediction

AF Analytics offers distinctive advantages when preparing time-series data for advanced analytics. It can play and essential role in testing, evaluating and operationalizing developed models. In addition, the openness of the PI System supports several different data access methods, meeting the needs of any data engineer or scientist.

This course will explore several examples demonstrating how AF Analytics can serve as an advanced analytics workbench. For comparison, examples will employ different data access methods, PI Integrator for Business Analytics, PI SQL Client and the PI Web API. Predictive models using PI Data will be developed in Python, a readily available open source application that is widely used for advanced analytics.

This will not be a developer's class, but rather a workshop for those wanting to gain an improved understanding of how to make statistically derive models relevant to Operations. No prior knowledge of Python is required but a basic understanding of PI AF is helpful.

Who should attend? Power User and Intermediate

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