Full Name
David Winks
Job Title
Managing Director
Speaker Bio
Mr. Wink’s current projects include all-threat analyses, planning and design for critical infrastructure, cyber-hardening and EMI shielding of network elements in IT and industrial control systems, malware mitigation, and threat prevention utilizing file regeneration, encryption, and IRM technologies. He has helped launch and build six companies. His work has included projects and travel to 35 countries.
He began his career in the design of nuclear power systems and then expanded his expertise to include thin film optics and advanced semi-conductors. Mr. Winks was able to apply his knowledge of semiconductors to RADAR, Electronic Warfare, satellite systems and cellular communication systems. His work in communications included the development of CDMA wireless local loop systems, frequency propagation analyses for cities in Eastern Europe and Latin America, and design and construction management of GSM cellular networks in Africa.
Mr. Winks utilized his communication system expertise to assist Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile in the launch of Text Messaging, Internet-to-Mobile Gateways, Content Management Systems, E911 services, and commercial location services. To connect cell sites in developing markets, Mr. Winks led in the design of multi-carrier satellite transceivers for voice and data communications and their integration with deployable VSAT terminals. He also led in the commercialization of Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) control systems for full-mesh satellite connectivity between cell sites. Expanding on his communications work, Mr. Winks assisted clients in deploying MPLS data networks and constructing command centers and video teleconferencing facilities. He subsequently applied his skills to active cyber defense with real-time orchestration, biometric identity validation, encryption, contextual access control, artificial intelligence, IRM, self-defending files, binary cyber hardening, and cyber integrity restoral.
• Lynchburg College – Lynchburg VA, B.S. Physics cum Laude
• Virginia Tech – Supplemental Coursework in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
• AFCEA DC Mobile Working Group
• Infragard, EMP Special Working Group
David Winks