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System Engineer
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William Carrillo is part of the Technical Advisors team and also an Industry Champion at OSIsoft. He has over 20 years of diverse automation engineering experience in the U.S., SE Asia, Mexico, Venezuela and Africa with business development, program and project management, field-office system integration, and engineering design work, including technical personnel and project management. He has worked as a SCADA Technologies Consultant for diverse projects and clients in the Oil & Gas sector (ChevronTexaco Vzla, Petrobras, Shell Vzla, PDVSA, Petronas and Repsol), including Y2K and SCADA migration. He has worked abroad in onshore & offshore Oil & Gas facilities automation projects. Carrillo has presented at multiple industry related events, such as the Prognostics and Health Management Society conference and ISA workshops. He is also Bilingual (Spanish & English) and loves sports and playing chess.