Enabling Real-Time Collaboration, Advanced CBM, and Layers of Analytics with the Modern PI System - DCP Midstream
Date & Time
Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
A foundation of DCP’s digital transformation is having near real time, accurate, meaningful, and complete data with context. An important part of this capability is provided by a company-wide PI System that was deployed in early 2017 integrating data from SCADA, DCS, FlowCal, and many other disparate systems. Change has been rapid, with DCP moving from no centralized means of collecting and using operational data to having 28 gas plants, 5 Frac Plants, 500 compressor stations (and their associated gathering systems), and the company’s major interstate pipelines connected to the PI System in 10 months. To facilitate enterprise collaboration, an Integrated Collaboration Center (ICC) was installed in the Denver HQ that includes Gas Control. In parallel with deployment, DCP has put the PI System to use, building products that support the improved business processes and organizational changes. The key focus has also included advanced conditioned based maintenance (ACBM) and associated Gas/Frac Plant Views in addition to Advanced Compression Health Monitoring(ACBM). The next phase of the DCP journey with the PI System will be in the area of expanding the layers of advanced analytics into areas of cloud enabled “big data” and “super system optimization”. Since deploying the PI System in 2017, DCP Midstream is reported more than $20 million of cost savings and operational benefits with a projected incremental +$20 million in 2018.