Full Name
Danny Taylor
Job Title
Enterprise Historian Specialists
TasWater Pty Ltd
Speaker Bio
Danny is a professional Chemical Engineer, with over 25yrs experience in the aluminium, sugar and alkaloids industries. He has also worked in research, production and management roles in the alumina industry in Queensland.

In 1999, Danny completed his Master’s degree with his research for the Canadian military, developing the constitutive mathematical equations for modelling fluid flow through compressible porous media. This work was essential for optimising the requisite settings for the manufacture of composite polymers, such as carbon fibre and glass resin composite polymers, as used in commercial vehicles and for the potential application for ballistic protection for military tanks.

Immediately following this work, his experience with the PI System commenced, where he used it daily for production optimisation and routine reporting. He extended the company’s embedded Datalink reporting to incorporate stoplight charting for the site’s laboratory report. He also implemented PI SQC trending in ProcessBook for process monitoring of online analysers and associated laboratory analyses. This work was instrumental in significantly reducing process variation that was induced by ill-timed process changes by Operations Engineers.

After several years away from the “PI space”, he’s back!

Danny is currently the Enterprise Historian Specialist at TasWater, where they’re implementing the PI system on rapid rollout.