Full Name
Jean-Francois Hamel
Job Title
Research Engineer and Lab Director, Chemical Engineering Department
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Speaker Bio
Jean-François Hamel is French-born Biochemical Engineer sharing his passion for biological systems teaching students and training professionals. As an educator and consultant, he has a wide international network and is based in the Boston area. He has integrated creative and engaging approaches to enhance learning outcomes in courses and to prepare students for today’s research and process development in academic or industry environments. In his work as Lecturer & Lab Director in MIT’s Chemical Engineering Department, Dr. Hamel focuses on upstream and downstream processes in microbial and cell culture processes, and uses integrated advanced analytical technologies. He has helped to bring novel or cutting-edge technologies into the student curriculum, including the first rock-bed single-use bioreactor, fluidized-bed perfusion system, the earliest portable microbial flow cytometer, in-situ glucose and optical O2 sensors, advanced analyzers (e.g. liquid multi-analytes analyzers, RAMAN spectroscope, mass spectrometer), data historian and data science tools.
Jean-Francois Hamel